Achievement throughout the years for our company

Our company has been in this business for almost 30 years and counting. Although many of us believe that profit making is the main driver behind every company's success in today's business world, we do not believe so.

Instead, we believe in striking the balance between profit making and giving back to the society. We have donated money and benefit-in-kinds to charity throughout the years.

We believe that helping people within our means is very important to cultivate a giving society, which is what the modern world lacks currently.

We have been awarded the "Top 100 Companies" by Singapore Enterprise Association (SEA) for the Year 2016/2017. Quoted from their website “Top 100 companies who wins this medal of honour are trustworthy, reliable and outstanding.”

We are grateful for being able to receive this award. However, all of this contributions to society and awards etc. would not be possible without you, our precious customers’ continuous support in our company as a whole.

We hereby, express our deepest gratitude and thank all of you once again for the support that you have given us throughout the years and we look forward to serving you more in the years to come.